We present you BILLY Footwear shoes, which have a universal and fashionable look and which are at the same time comfortable, functional and inclusive for everyone.

Their specialty is in the way of putting on/taking off, that is called the FlipTop Technology system. The special feature of this is that with the help of a zipper, the entire front and upper part of the shoe is opened, which makes it very easy for us to put on and take off our shoes. However, the width of the shoe can still be adjusted with the help of laces.
Billy Footwear footwear is therefore especially suitable for toddlers, small children, children of the 1st triad of primary school, children / adults with special needs, children / adults who use leg braces, the elderly and everyone else.

Why did we decide to offer BILLY Footwear to our market?

  • Because their footwear system is unique!
  • Because their appearance is fashionable and attractive!
  • Because their mission is to create shoes that are inclusive
  • for all!
  • It is this philosophy, "FASHION FOR EVERYONE", that is close to us and we want our society to be given the opportunity and the opportunity to develop against acceptance and inclusion.