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Our story began with our own experience. Bor - our special hero, was born with a rare genetic defect - a deletion of chromosome 8 (8p23.1). This small, missing piece of his genetic record has made a big difference in our family’s lives.

One day we found out about Billy Footwear, which convinced us in an instant, as its special feature is that it is a brand new, different, unique system of footwear and removal (FlipTop Technology), which makes this activity much easier for many heroes. . What convinced us that we want to offer Billy Footwear to the Slovenian market is a fashionable and attractive look, as their mission is to create shoes that are functional, fashionable and inclusive for everyone. It is precisely this philosophy, “fashion for all”, that is close to us and we want our society to be given the opportunity and the opportunity to develop against acceptance and inclusion.


Billy Footwear footwear is therefore intended for all of us: GIRLS AND BOYS, RIDING AND WALKING, SMALL AND BIG!


A brief explanation of why the name Special Heroes. In a community where we are connected parents/guardians of children with the same or similar genetic defect as our Bor, we named our children - "8P heroes" or 8P heroes. I once came across an interesting post by Mr. while browsing the World Wide Web. Robert Gore, who says that each of us hides a hero in himself, to show his gifts, strength, and abilities in all his greatness. Certainly, the hero is the one who has the most positive influence on fellow human beings and inspires others by his example that this is possible. And because our vision is to offer even more products in the online store in the future, which will make everyday life easier for our special heroes and their parents/guardians, the name SPECIAL HEROES seemed to us to be the best choice.

Bor - Posebni junak

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